BoHo Theatre


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By John Logan
Directed by Stephen M. Genovese

March 22 – April 21, 2013

presented at The Heartland Studio

In 1932, the world was rocked by the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, one of the most highly publicized crimes of the 20th century. In 1936, German immigrant and ex-convict Bruno Hauptmann was executed for the kindapping and murder of the child. But was he really guilty? Or was this result of a media circus surrounding the "Trial of the Cenury," rising anti-German sentiment in America, and the power of money and fame to influence our justice system? This early work by renowned writer John Logan mixes historical facts with theatricality to examine the truth behind the trial and the man accused of the unthinkable.

Writer John Logan is best known to audiences for his plays Red, about modern artist Mark Rothko (which won a record six Tony Awards), and Never the Sinner, about the infamous Leopold and Loeb muder case. His screenwriting credits include Gladiator, Rango, Skyfall, and Martin Scorcese's The Aviator and Hugo. Don't miss this rare chance to catch BoHo's production of one of his early masterpieces.

  • Bruno Hauptmann: Jeremy Trager
  • Charles Lindbergh, etc: Chris Amos
  • Anne Lindbergh, etc: Sasha Kraichnan
  • Anna Hauptmann, etc: Eleanor Katz
  • David Wilentz, etc: Nathan Randall
  • Dr. Condon, etc: Nathan Grant
  • Judge, others: Derek Van Barham
  • Scenic Design: John Zuiker
  • Scenic Painter: Cara Feeney
  • Lighting Design: Diane Fairchild
  • Assoc. Lighting Design: Megan Turnquist
  • Costume Design: Rachel Parent
  • Properties Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Technical Director: Garrett Weeda
  • Stage Manager: Nick Barsuli
  • Production Manager: Meg Love
  • Producer: Kaela Altman

Joseph Jefferson Awards

  • Principle Actor (play): Jeremy Trager — WINNER!

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Rave reviews for Hauptmann:

"A taut revival under Stephen M. Genovese's nimble direction... Jeremy Trager is simply entrancing"
-Chicago Tribune

"Smart, beautifully written and full of detail and ambiguity... Trager is extraordinary"
-Chicago Sun-Times

"Powerful... stunning... Trager is mesmerizing in the title role, with a performance that’s deliberate and devastating. The play’s questions about fear, xenophobia and the effect of public opinion on the carriage of justice have lost none of their relevance. The artistry of BoHo’s production ensures they still pack a punch."
-Time Out Chicago

"Jeremy Trager deftly negotiates the title role's emotional arc, from ironic distance to terror to resigned state of grace. [Director] Stephen M. Genovese's intense, sometimes eerie staging gains force from the intimacy of the black-box venue." RECOMMENDED
-Chicago Reader

"Sophisticated, well-paced, and riveting... Eleanor Katz is moving as Anna Hauptmann"
-CenterStage Chicago

"Chris Amos captures Lindbergh’s competence and confidence"
-Newcity Stage